Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 18: - Tae Bo Super Charged 8 minute workout

Yes, my workout was only 8 minutes this morning. The kids were both up and it just wasn’t working today. But I got a really quality 8 minutes in! Maybe I’ll throw on my running clothes when I take the kids to the park later and sprint around the playground.

I can’t believe its only day 18. 100 days is a long time! Seriously. I’m happy that I started the habit of exercising in the morning. And I’m enjoying writing my thoughts in a blog. What I’ve lost interest in is consistently writing about exercise in the blog. I wish my blog was more about random thoughts and passing frustrations, rather than pigeonholed into a workout blog. Which is probably why I keep getting off the subject?

This got me thinking about being consistent. I would REALLY love to be consistent. Sadly though, I’m inconsistent to the core. In fact, the only things that are consistent from day to day are 1) I drink tea every morning of my life and 2) I am inconsistent every day of my life. Well I guess you could say I have consistently had the same husband and kids too, but I haven’t treated them consistently so that doesn’t really count here, does it? I KNOW I would be more content with more consistency in my life. And I KNOW my kids would do better if I could be more consistent. But I just can’t seem to pull it together from day to day. There are too many distractions and outside variables (whining kids, last minute invitations, etc). I have worked hard to make schedules and routines (lots) and they look really impressive! I post the schedule at night, filled with intention and hope for an organized and consistent household and then it becomes a part of the wall, unlooked at for weeks until I take it down because it looks shabby. So the question is, how do I become more consistent in my life?

As I lay in bed last night, I started listing in my head all the ways I’m inconsistent. Not a good idea when you are trying to sleep. Here’s what I came up with. The list could truthfully go on and on. I stopped it here for the sake of boredom (on your part and mine).

Disciplining kids
My Eating
M workout
Helping my kid with her homework
My time
My mood
My patience level
Going to church
Reading the bible

My Workout: Tae Bo Turbo Charged 8 Minute Workout

What I liked:
1. It was only 8 minutes, which is about all I could muster with the kids in my space
2. I love tae bo, especially the boxing moves
3. Fast paced and charged

What I didn’t like:
1. Umm, tight spandex and leg warmers, again.

Pay attention to the flow in your life - Dr Wayne Dyer


  1. Thanks for following my blog. I found yours and loved that you listed the same inconsistencies that I face and are doing something about it! I feel some motivation comin' my way! Thanks for your tips.

  2. Summer... you should read Janna's post about the gym folks.. you would love it. hilarious. I think the spandex and leg warmers, again, are scary ALL THE TIME!

  3. Summer- You don't have to be consistent in the things you aren't always passionate about. 100 days is a lot but to force yourself to BLOG about it day in and day out is silly. Just be true to yourself and if you'd rather blog about more important meaningful things and still continue your daily workouts then do so. No need to torture yourself here. I always love to hear what new things and new insights you learn as the days go on. People tell me how much they wished they read more as they see me reading books all the time. Here's what I tell those who say such things...I tell them to find a passion in life and do that. If one doesn't enjoy reading, no need to force this upon ones self. You have a lot of wonderful things and insights...stick to that and share with us if that works best. Maybe just do a weekly post of your workouts? I log all my workouts into a Microsoft Word calendar...takes me all of a minute and it's neat to see how much I worked out in a month or year. Forcing myself to write what I liked or didn't like would be torture for me.