Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Can home exercise videos melt my muffin top?

Can home exercise videos melt my muffin top?

In an effort to save time, my sanity, and my quickly growing waste-line, I have committed to waking up at 6am M-F and exercising for at least 45 minutes. I am blogging my little journey to a less rushed, fitter self in hopes it will keep me from giving up on day 3, like I usually do.

The commitment to exercise doesn't scare me. I like exercise and know the benefits first hand. Up until recently, I have easily fit it into my life through Stroller Strides, which was my exercise, social circle, and time with my two little girls; all at once. But my kids are in school most mornings now, and I don't want to use those precious hours for exercising. It's the never ending problem, isn't it? There are only so many hours in the day, and it's an art form to using your time wisely.

So after devoting way too much mental energy to the subject, I've found my solution. If I can get my butt out of bed before the kids get up, I can workout at home using workout DVD's – and not miss anything else during the day! It's like a gift of an extra hour, right? And I won't have to spend any more mental energy on: 1) thinking about where I can squeeze in a workout 2) thinking up excuses as to why I can't do said workout, 3) feeling guilty for slacking off and 4) trying on five articles of clothing before settling on something (black) that doesn't show my muffin top.

Is this blog too long? I feel so boring.

Today is day two of my new commitment. The first morning was easy to wake up, thanks to daylight savings change. Today was slightly harder to get up but I did it. I tried a new Billy Blanks Tae Boe Ultimate Challenge DVD. I completed 45 minutes before realizing it was a 90 minute workout but decided to stop anyway. Tomorrow I might try “The Firm” DVD.

By the way, because of the time change, one of my daughters has been awake for each of the workouts. I have a peanut gallery on the couch saying things like “you look funny mommy” and “why don't you do it as fast as they do mommy”. :)

Here's to losing my muffin top, one cheesy workout DVD at a time!

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