Friday, June 25, 2010

List Mania! Be the Parent

I have mentioned before that I'm a bit of a list nut. Since I've had bloggers block lately, I am going to make use of my many lists and share them with you here.

It's all official, too, cuz I made a little photo title for it!

The first list I am sharing is sort of an outline from my favorite parenting book... Be The Parent, by Kendra Smiley.

No. I don't have a kindle. But I wish I did. Or an ipad.

Choice #1: Choose to Be the Parent!
1)      Admit the problem exists
2)      Build your confidence
3)      See the vision
4)      Develop a plan
5)      Know you will make mistakes, and keep learning

Choice #2: Choose to be a role model
1)      Know that, for better or worse, you are the role model
2)      Take the challenge to model the best
3)      Discover that modeling is what you say and do
4)      Let this knowledge influence your behavior
5)      Remember, it is not all about you

Choice #3: Choose to be present
1)      Guarantee guantity time with your child
2)      Orchestrate quality moments in your quantity time.
3)      Work, play and pray with your child
4)      Include your child in your adult world
5)      Be available for your child, but don’t interrupt her

Choice #4: Choose to be an encourager
1)      Aim high, but not beyond the sky
2)      Catch your child in the act of doing something right
3)      Applaud the product and the process
4)      Encourage your child to encourage others
5)      Teach your child to praise God

Choice #5: Choose to discipline in love
1)      Sing off the same song sheet
2)      Follow the basics of discipline
3)      Think long term
4)      Be consistent
5)      Reject the parenting lies

Choice #6: Choose to allow failure and success
1)      Resist the rescue
2)      Give the freedom to succeed
3)      Encourage maturity appropriate choices
4)      Continually expand the boundaries
5)      Eliminate the vote

Choice #7: Choose to Pray
1)      Pray early
2)      Pray often
3)      Pray for yourself, child and your spouse
4)      Pray with your spouse
5)      Pray with your child

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Shaken Heart

My daughter took a field trip to Discovery Science Museum.

They learned about the big Japanese earth quake and got to feel a room shake, to experience what it might have felt like.

Sierra's heart was shaken.

She is now driven to help the people of Japan
(yes, I know Haiti is more recent but that fact won't soothe her shaken heart).

Suddenly she regretted using her piggie bank money last week for a razor scooter.

But she found some last dreggs of change.

And she's mailing it to Japan. With a note saying it's from her, so they would know.

God bless little kids. When do we lose that unabashed want to help others?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

crEATe Recipe Swap - A Quick, Healthy Breakfast

photo from The Goat and The Kid blog

On Thursdays Nancy does a crEATe Recipe share over at her cool blog. I'm linking in to share my favorite breakfast..

Ever feel like a hearty, healthy breakfast but not want to make a big mess in the kitchen?

Let me share my go-to.

To call it a recipe is a bit of a stretch, but it's so easy, you should have it in your go to list too...

What you'll need:
a mug or glass dish
pam, or other non stick spray
1 egg
bacon bits
splash of milk (optional)

1. Spray dish or mug

2. Put in egg and stir to break up yolk

3. Add a splash of milk, mix

4. Drop in a handful of spinach and a pinch of bacon bits

5. Stir until coated

6. Cover, and microwave for 1 minute

That's it! I put mine on a tortilla but I've been known to get wild and put it on a bagel thin too!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ms. Elizabeth Bennet

Meet Lizzie.

She's our newest family member.

She's a rescue mutt.

And she's throwing me for a loop.

My "normal" is gone.

Potty training all over again.

Sleepless nights (tail wagging, cone banging, doggie needs to go potty)

A friend following me everywhere I go.

One more thing to think about when I leave the house (or shower)

Another mouth to feed.

Hair to clean up.

I'm sure I will have a new "normal" within a day or two.

And I think we have thrown her for a loop too.

I can tell she misses her foster owner.

But she'll get be happier soon. Love goes a long way in making one feel better.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Could it be true?

Could my daughter really be done with kindergarten?

Am I really the mother of a first grader?

I don't have to tell you how quickly the time has gone. You are experiencing life in warp speed with me.

At least my daughters school made the last week of kindergarten spectacular. All the fun kept me from getting too emotional.

At least I can still look forward to one more year of preschool with this little one.

I'm wiping the tears away now. It's time to celebrate!

It's summer time!!!

When I was a kid, summers were SO BORING. My mom worked full time and I don't think she thought to plan anything for us (not to mention the cost of registering us for cool classes). We just sat around wasting time.

But not my kids.

I have vowed to make summer time fun and interesting for my kids.

Because I can.

We have so much planned! Here's a taste...

Art classes
Sonshine camp
Vacation Bible School
Mommy made homework
Visiting friends
A day trip to balboa island
Swim lessons (at the YMCA - no swim nazi this year... hooray!)
Learn to ride a bike without training wheels (kids, not me!)
A trip to San Francisco (1/2 marathon - eek)
Daily crafts (will post the good ones!)
A day trip to Tanaka Farms
Free movies at Regal cinemas
and more!!!

I should note that not everything is being done at once! I just made sure they had at least one thing almost every day. They aren't rushing around town from one activity to the next. :)

How about you? What are your summer plans? If you are one to not plan anything and just let it roll, tell me your secret. I would love to learn how to make summer fun, with or without planned activities!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Meatloaf Muffins Recipe - A Link Party

photo from The Goat and the Kid's blog

My buddy Nancy, at The Goat and the Kid, is having a fun link up deal-i-o on Thursdays. You post a recipe, then link to her blog. I've never done a link up thing, so this should be interesting!

My all time favorite family recipe was already featured on my blog here. So I'll give you another easy, family favorite today.

I make meatloaf muffins a number of different ways. The first recipe below is for the kind that I happen to be making tonight. (It's basically just throw a bunch of random things together with meat and add an egg!). The second recipe is for a version that I got from Weight Watchers. They are also super tasty!

Did you catch that? TWO recipes here folks! I aim to please!

Meatloaf Mini Muffins

1 lb ground turkey
1 whole egg AND 1 egg white
finely diced veggies (tonight i'm making bell pepper, onion, and  mushroom, diced it equals about 2 cups)
1 tsp worsteshire sauce
1 tbsp bbq sauce
1/2 cup rice (or about 1 cup stovetop stuffing)
pepper and salt

Mix together and put in 12 muffin tins (sprayed with pam). Bake 35-40 minutes (350?)

Makes 12

Weight Watcher Meatloaf Muffins

1 lb ground round
2 egg whites
½ c non fat plain yogurt
1 tbsp A1 sauce
1 package stove top dressing
1 cup water

Mix together and put in 12 muffin tins (sprayed with pam). Bake 35-40 minutes (350?)

Makes 12
2 points each

I wish I had a photo, but if I took one now you would see raw meat, which is disgusting. And if I wait till later tonight, it will be too late. So you'll have to live without a meatloaf muffin photo today. :(

Monday, June 7, 2010

Mud Run!

I threw caution to the wind this past Saturday and took part in the Camp Pendleton Mud Run with a few friends.

My running buddy, Brandy and me.... BEFORE
do we look tough?? I didn't pick the outfits.

clean shoes... BEFORE

THE COURSE: a challenging 10k run with hills, tire obstacles, low sand crawl, river crossings, two-5-foot walls with mud on both sides, resevoir crossing (4 1/2 feet deep), tunnel crawl, slippery hill climb, and the final 30-foot mud pit.

It was all of those things.

shoes AFTER. I had to throw them away, along with the socks.

This race was SO MUCH FUN and I survived with only a sprained ankle and some minor cuts and bruises!


Anyone want to run with me next year?!!!