Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 12 - In Shape with Sharon Mann - Pilates

I miss running. Actually, I don’t miss the activity of running but I miss the stress relief and endorphin rush always feel when I run. Exercising with these videos doesn’t give me that. Even when I do it for an hour and sweat the whole time, I still don’t feel that surge of good feelings . My husband says if (when!) I get an A in my Anatomy class, I can buy an elliptical machine. I’m thinking about asking to switch it to a treadmill. I like the variety and flexibility of working out with my DVD’s, but I’d like to supplement it at some point with more cardio. Boy, 100 days is feeling like a long time!!!

I REALLY didn’t like the workout show this morning. Usually I try to list 3 goods and 1 bad, but today I’ve reversed it. I just couldn’t think of 3 things I liked about it!!!

My Workout: In Shape with Sharon Mann

What I liked:
1. Some running move she did while laying on the back. It seemed to really work the abs good

What I didn’t like:
1. The loud, crazy music. This was supposed to be pilates. When I think of pilates, I think of calming things, as well as a hard workout. This music was plain awful! It was loud and fast beat. It totally didn’t fit with the workout.
2. The lady didn’t give modifications very often. At one point, she said, “just grab your big toe and swing your leg out like this”. Holy crap. Big toe? I could barely reach my thigh! In fact, she was the only one in her room that could reach her toe.
3. The camera moved too much. Again, I wanted to concentrate on “connecting the mind to the body and soul” like the instructor said. Though she didn’t seem like she was connecting anything except pilates with head banger aerobics.

"The feeling of not wanting to do something is actually an opportunity to exercise your inner strength" - Bill Phillips

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