Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How far will I go?

How far will I go to get a workout in?

I tried to workout this morning. I really did. Not that I'm making excuses (I guess I am) but my car broke down, which meant my husband went into work late, in order to take my daughter to school for me. Daddy home on a Tuesday morning means - whoopie! Total CHAOS! After about 2 minutes into my DVD, I realized that it just wasn't going to work.

Flash forward to 4pm. The kids are deep into our second scheduled meltdown of the day (like clockwork - 7:30AM and 4:00PM). I'm trying hard not to yell at them to stop yelling at each other. I'm feeling frazzled and ready to run from the building naked, screaming, "calgon, take me away!!!!".

Then a light bulb goes off. Why not do my workout now? So I plop the kids in front of our only TV and put on a Areal movie that I think will keep them silent.

What's with that nasty fake plant in my family room? I haven't noticed it in years, until I looked at this picture. Can you say embarrasing?!

But I digress... Then I set myself up in the other room. On a portable DVD player. On top of a kids chair, on top of another chair. Like a Dr Seuss book. Here's my set up. What's wrong with this picture?

But the silliness doesn't stop there. 10 minutes into my workout, the flat screen is alone in the big room. Where are the kids? Why, right in front of the miniature Jillian, of course!

I did manage to get a tiny sweat in. And I got a good laugh out of it. That works my abs a little I guess. Anyway, I tried. I'm giving myself points for that.

Day 22 of the workout challenge:

My workout: Jillian's Fat Burning workout.

What I liked:
1. my daughter's rendition of Jillian's burpies (see above)
2. the kids didn't fight for 10 minutes while they watched Jillian
3. I liked hearing my daughter say, "why are you doing that mommy, they are doing this?"

What I didn't like:
1. I didn't actually get to DO the workout.

Oh well, another time I guess. :)


  1. Ohhh, get your kids to do your burpies for ya! Love it. And love that you're posting photos to your story blogs. Keep that sense of humor because clearly your santity must go out the window a lot.

  2. I did Jillian yesterday too! Boost your Metabolism 45 minutes. The burpies...ahhh. I can't stand those! Or maybe that Jillian keeps hoisting her pants back up. They fall down a lot! By the way... go see the Nutcracker. Just go to a small version of one. GWC has one. Check it out!