Friday, December 11, 2009

A Christmas Craft For the Craft Impaired

Decoupage Christmas Ornaments

Here's an easy Christmas craft that anyone can do, for little money. I am not super crafty, at least not compared to some of the amazing moms I've been following on blogs. Some might even call me crafticapped. So that should give you an idea about how easy this craft is!

Here's what you need:

  • wood or cardboard ornaments (.25-$1 at Michaels)

  • craft paint (mine is acrylic)

  • mod podge glue

  • something to spread paint and glue (I used sponges)

  • a photo

Step 1: Cover ornament with paint, let dry

Step 2: cut a photo to fit on your ornament

Step 3: Completely cover ornament (front/back) with glue

Step 4: While glue is still wet, put photo on ornament and apply glue over the top. Make it thick, because this is what makes it opaque and glossy

Step 5: let dry and then bling it up with whatever you feel it needs. I painted gold dots around the edges of mine.

I also made this hanging decoration using the same technique on thin wood pieces. I just hot glued them to a fancy ribbon and voila!

Enjoy!!! :)


  1. Why doesn't my brain think of these cute ideas? Love it!!

  2. are too crafty! How cute! Love the idea. Nancy introduced me to Mod Podge a couple of months back. Now I'm a Mod-Podgin' fool!

  3. I love your new term... crafticapped. Hilarious. Girl... welcome to Mod Podge. Seriously I love everything about it. How it works, how it smells (did I say that?) and peeling it off my fingers (Did i really say that?). Ok. You know I am a little off. Super duper cute. Might have to craft that one out.

  4. Check out my blog! I tagged you. Thanks.