Thursday, December 10, 2009

Does This Blog Make My Butt Look Big??

I started this blog just over a month ago, hoping it would motivate me to fit exercise into my DAILY life again. I was totally committed to working out every morning at 6am with an exercise video. I was excited by the task of posting my daily workout tid bits. What went wrong?!

First I got bored by writing solely about exercise videos. Then I got bored by doing exercise videos. I felt isolated...

Then I took a break. But I didn't tell you that did I? I'm feeling sort of like a fraud right now. Hence this post. This is me coming clean.

I want exercise videos to work for me. I hope that at the end of my 100 days (seriously, what was I thinking, why didn't I call it a 10 day challenge?) I will be a home exercise convert. I also hope to look like Jillian Michaels. But I might just need to find another form of exercise that suits me. Maybe I'm not cut out for going it solo.

I enjoy socializing while I exercise...

And I like to run...

By the way, that was me last year, before I let my muffin top take over.

I thought by now I would be in my skinny jeans. I've gained 3 lbs. I'm not going to humor you with any photos of my muffin top. Just take my word for it.

I am ashamed.

But I can't give up! Everyone deserves a second chance... right?! I'm going to dust off the videos (okay, it's only been a week so there actually isn't any dust) and start anew in the morning.

I am not going to post my exercise blurbs every day, but I'll still do them. Begrudgingly. I promise. You can believe me. :)


  1. I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKIN' ABOUT HERE, GIRL! My body has changed immensely in the past 2 years...mostly because of my age, I think. Unfortunately, I have never made exercising a priority and it shows. Can't seem to stay on track. In fact, while exercising with 2 friends today (by the way it was a Jillian Michaels workout), it's easy to realize that "togetherness" makes it much more fun. Get some partners. If you can't, just do your best. It's only 30 minutes, right? It's healthy. It gets your blood pumpin'. I tell myself all these things daily. Just's never too late to start. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  2. Ditto on Darlene. She and Janna are my workout bff's. Just do a few days, girl. I find when I try to do 4-5 days/week, I always FAIL. Always. Just do a few and you will feel better. Girl... the muffin top. Come on now! I have one. But mine has butter on top too! :)
    That picture looked yummy........

  3. Don't despair Summer, you're doing great. Look at the bright side, if you hadn't have started this blog, you might have gained 6 lbs, instead of 3. Mission Accomplished I say :)