Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Surprises

Christmas morning was full of surprises!

Our first surprise happened at 5am when our youngest daughter woke up with a fever and vomit. Poor little thing felt so sick most of the morning, she didn't even finish unwrapping her gifts!

Then the tylenol kicked in and she perked up...

My 5 yr old was thrilled to get the leapster she had been wanting... along with a mountain of pink toys that made her squeal in delight.

My little one was surprised by the cute little stuffed animal that her sister bought her at school.

And the Pet Care center that she really wanted. Along with her own mountain of pink treasures.

No, Santa didn't bring their prized goods. Their loving family did. We downplay santa in this house. He does stockings and one gift each, that's it. And it never seems to be the one they wanted. Hmm. This year he gave them little princess tents to put in their rooms.

I got the waffle maker I wanted. Saturdays are going to be waffle days in the plummer household. I tried it out the day after Christmas. It was messy, but they were good. I'd love to get my hands on a good (HEALTHY) waffle recipe to make.

Great Grandma and Brooke surprised us all by curling up together and taking a nap. Is that sweet or what?

But the most surprising of all was what a wonderful day we all had, despite the flu!

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  1. The barf visited my house too. What a fun Christmas day gift! The hubby got it... didn't feel right until this morning.... Waffle maker. Love it. I use mine EVERY single Sunday morning before church. Best waffle mix: Trader Joes Buttermilk Pancake/Waffle mix. Seriously, it rocks. But a smashed banana and pecans... you will die and go to heaven. xoxo Nancy