Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Grocery Store Therapy

A trip to the grocery store can really make a girl feel good.

I noticed this morning that one cause of stress in my life lately is the fact that I haven't been prepared for meal time. Don't get me wrong, there are weeks where I am ON TOP OF IT! Those weeks, I have meals planned for the week, groceries ready and crock pot standing to attention. Then there are other times when meals somehow surprise me. I find myself frantically looking through the fridge for a healthy meal, trying to use my creativity to make something from nothing - while the kids melt down and my brain goes on the fritz.

So after dropping the kids off at school today, I decided to get my act together. I grabbed a starbucks tea and hiked my bottom into Albertsons. They looked surprised to see me. Maybe they thought I had moved.

Okay, so here's my point. In about 45 minutes, I manged to...

1. Take care of my husband by having an easy dinner planned for him and the girls, while I'm at school tonight. Bright Side husband has told me on many occasions that he feels loved when I have thought of something (anything) for him to feed the girls at night. Am I proud that the kids are getting a frozen meal? No. In fact, it's the first time, unless you count frozen pizzas, that I've given them a frozen meal. But I have an exam tonight and am limited on time - can't do the crock pot today honey, sorry.

2. Take care of my kids by having healthy snacks and breakfast items ready. Also got my daughter a huge treat that she will flip over this weekend.

3. Take care of myself by replenishing a few of my healthy staples that keep me feeling good.

4. Take care of my planet by FINALLY remembering to bring my reusable bags!!!

This girl feels good. Now I'm off to study for my Anatomy exam. My first semester is almost over and I am one class closer to becoming an RN!


  1. You'll have to share how those cinnamon rolls are cause they look GOOD!

    Good luck on your exam!!

  2. so proud of you going back to school. Weren't we in Physiology together with Mrs. Gingrich? Dissecting the rat???? Hope your exam went well. xoxo N