Friday, December 4, 2009

Future Wisdom

Do you ever wish you could somehow go back in time and have a conversation with yourself, telling the secret wisdom you have gained thru the years? If I could do this, I'd go back to my former self and say these few nuggets...

Sweet, funny little Summer. I love you exactly the way you are! Don't feel bad about yourself because you aren't skinny. Figure out how much you love to exercise because it can change your life.

Awkward teenage Summer. Oh, the hair! Tone down the bangs, girl. Most importantly though, focus on school more than the phone.

Senior year of HS Summer. You are thin and beautiful, even though you don't think so. The hole in your heart isn't what you think it is. You don't need a boyfriend all the time. You need God. Also, concentrate in school because it's way more imporant than you think it is. Strive for excellence... you have your whole life ahead of you and can do something great!

Newlywed Summer. ENJOY IT! Go to movies, cook fancy meals eaten by candle light, find some hobbies, live pationately. Sleep. You won't get much of any of these things after you have kids. Don't rush it! Figure yourself out now, before you have kids. Because after the little ones come you will be caught up in the whirlwind of life and won't have time to delve into the deep parts of yourself. Also, enjoy your pre c-section tummy. You will miss it.

Me last year. Oh Summer, you did it! You got yourself to your ideal weight by working out a TON and eating healthy. Girl, enjoy being at that weight. Don't lose track of your eating because, even though it doesn't feel like it, those 10 lbs will sneak back up on you really quickly!

And what would I say to current self? Pray more. Be present with your girls. This time will pass by quickly and you will want it back. Even the days that seem so difficult are blessings that you will yearn to have back in your old age.


  1. I am so happy that I knew you during the Senior picture phase. What I would tell you is that you are sweet and kind and that you are so beautiful on the inside and outside. And, you know what? I havent seen you in how many years (Maybe we could get together soon!)but I would say the same statement. Yep. I would. :) Happy weekend,my friend.

  2. Oh! So cool! I enjoyed reading this Summer! My blog is almost dead...

    BTW, those dresses *are* super cute.

    Happy holidays!