Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Couch vs. Movie Theater

I took my kids to see "The Princess and The Frog" today. It was a cute movie. It cost me $27 admission and $13 for treats and water. $40 for the three of us to see a movie. For the low, low price of $40, I got the following:

  • The first showing was too full to sit together, so we had to wait an hour to see the next showing.

  • Since we feared not getting a seat, we arrived at second showing 45 minutes early. That meant my 3 yr old and 5 yr old had to sit for a total of about 3 hrs (45 minutes early, 10 min previews and 2 hr movie)

  • During the movie, my 3 yr old had to get up to go potty more than once

  • She also wanted to leave halfway through and made it known she wasn't happy we couldn't

  • My 5 yr old complained that it was way too loud (she was right!)

  • She also got scared and wanted to sit on my lap, with the other daughter

  • The teenager next to me texted the whole movie

  • My water jug fell on the sticky floor - eeeww

Was that all so bad? No, it wasn't. But it did get me thinking, when did going to the movies become less of a treat than having a movie night at home?

At one point in my life, going to the movies was AWESOME! As a kid, it meant enjoying an uninterrupted movie on a colorful, clear giant screen... for $1.50. As opposed to watching some random fuzzy tv show and sitting through commercials. And as a 20 something, going to the movies was the end all date for me (what can I say, I was easy to please?!).

But then we had kids. And a few years later the flat screen TV joined the family.

And now we have TiVo and a blue ray player. Both have a pause button. We also have a super comfy couch and a bathroom right down the hall. My husband NEVER texts ANYONE while watching a movie with me. And if my water drops on the floor, I'm not completely repulsed.

So it's official. I would now rather watch a movie at home than go to the theater. I think that might make me old or boring. But I'm okay with that.


  1. I completely agree, and movies make it to DVD or on demand in a flash!! Very cute blog you have by the way ;)

  2. Totally agree with you. Saw Pricess and the Frog too. I spent an arm and a leg and I kept wondering if watching on my comfy couch would be better. The price nowadays.... robbery I tell you!

  3. I know exactly what you mean. Besides, you add in the fact, that when your tired it's so much easier as well, and the whole argument for going to the theater goes out the window. :) How was the movie BTW?

  4. Um, have you seen our carpet.... Not sure it's any cleaner than a movie theater floor!!

  5. I feel the same way. Taking the kiddos to the movies is a production, and an expensive one at that! Once a month I go to the movies with a bunch of the moms from my church. We sneak out of the house before dinner, go out for a cheap meal, and then hit the movie theater. I still have to pay the crazy price for the ticket, but I get to skip the snacks and enjoy sinking into my seat for a whole 2 hours of me time.

  6. Can I give you an AMEN SISTER?!! I can't believe the price of a movie these days. Oh my gosh, I sound like my mom. But it's true! I have a squirmy 4 yr old, so movies at home are much less stressful for me in addition to all the other benefits you listed.

  7. Going to the movies with kiddos is indeed a production. An adventure we make once in awhile when there's a movie that's appropriate for the kids AND doesn't make mom and dad want to vomit. Honestly, my kids are just as happy to climb into mom and dad's bed (a treat in itself) and watch something snuggled up - and I like it better too!

  8. Agree. Agree. Agree. I've now become my grandmother because we stop at target or some drug store along the way to pick up our treats. And, I take water or juice from home. It all adds up, right? The movies come out on DVD so quickly, anyway. Plus, our couch is so much more comfortable than the seats.