Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A bit of useful advice

A little friendly advice about Christmas tree shopping...

If you go to a Christmas tree lot to pick out your family tree...

And strap it on your car...

Don't pull into the garage until it's OFF the car!!!!

Gosh our garage is gross. Maybe when we get our beautiful new insulated garage door it will motivate us to remodel the garage. See, there is always a BRIGHT SIDE! :)


  1. I know this wasn't funny when it happened, but seeing it in photos makes me laugh and think of the Griswolds. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Seeing it in pictures even makes me laugh.... And, I'm the one who was so angry about it that put my hand through a window right afterwards!

    I love your sense of humor honey!

  3. I loved hearing that story after my little accident. It really made me laugh! I guess misery loves company. And it helped me realize that we all have our momentary lapses of judgment. To err IS human apparently.