Friday, February 26, 2010


Well, it's what you are supposed to say when you have nothing else to say, right?

non sequitur...

We had a family movie night tonight. Can you guess what we watched?? Yep.. Mary Poppins (hence the title).

I'm worried about my little one. She's been sick with a fever and a tummy ache. It's not like her to be lethargic. I hope she gets better soon.

My husband shaved his head today. And his arms. And chest. He's swimming in a Masters Swim tournament this weekend and apparently he's going for Gold.

I have been eating too  much lately. Stress eating mostly. It's getting ridiculous. I need to get a grip and start gaining control. Either that, or go buy some elastic waistband pants. Hmm.

I start a trail running class in the morning. I'm praying for rain because I don't want to get up when it's dark. I WAS looking forward to it. But getting up at night with the little one has me tired.

On the Bright's Friday! I'm looking forward to a relaxing, rainy weekend!

I hope you have a really wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Oh I say "Run in the Rain" it's refreshing! ;)

  2. Hooray for the weekend!!
    This post reminded me that I need to rent Mary Poppins. (Confession: I have never seen it!!!!)

  3. I hope the little chick gets better real soon. Go hubby. Can't wait to hear about the gold! :)

  4. I hope your little one feels better. I know what's like. We've been really bad this season.

    Have a great day!

  5. hi new friend :O)
    i hope your little girl is feeling better this morning.
    have a great weekend.

  6. Wow you have a lot going on! Hopefully your little one feels better soon and hubby brings home the gold. Happy weekend!!!!

  7. Hope your baby is better and don't worry about your husband's head. Mine is already growing out. YOu can really tell when it's super short :) Oh, and RESIST the elastic waist-band pants girl!!

  8. maybe your little one needs a 'spoonful of sugar!?' hope your weekend is un-stressful :) you deserve it!

  9. Hey Summer...we love Mary Poppins in our house, it's such a classic! It's coming ot Theatre in Melbourne, Vic, Australia next month, I REALLY want to go!

    Hope your princess has a speedy recovery.

    Have an awesome rest over the weekend!


    Sarah xxx

  10. Hi Summer. Thanks so much for coming over to visit my blog. I have seen your comments on Gennifer's blog, and you are always so upbeat. Come on back soon.
    Hope your little one feels better soon. And btw, I am a Weight Watcher too, and it is a good plan to use. Good luck with your running.

  11. I hope your little one feels better. Did you go for the run? How did it go?

  12. Hoping your weekend brought an end to sickness. Did it rain for you on Saturday? It poured over here, cheers.

  13. I love Mary Poppins!! love it! ;) I have a sick little boy today too... and little girl was sick this last week... ugh! ;) I read your comment on Cherry Tree Lane just now... and had a giggle... we are all going through little funks! :) sort of! I love the name of your blog and what it stand for as you wrote in your comment over there!! he he! I feel the same way! I am blessed to have you in my blog circle ... blog community... blog friends! we are bloggin in the same crowd! lol! Hope your wee one is feeling better soon... she is younger than my wee ones! ;) Just Jenn!