Monday, February 22, 2010

Embarrasing Moment - The Bridesmaid Dress

It's time for another embarrassing moment...

About 10 yrs ago, I was honored to be a bridesmaid in my oldest and best friends wedding (okay, not the OLDEST, but I've known her the longest... 23 yrs now).

It's important to note that I loved my bridesmaid dress. Seriously, like loved it so much I was already thinking about where I could wear it again.

My friend had a big Jewish wedding planned. Major money. Every detail thought of. We were both giddy with excitement.

The day of the wedding, I pulled the bridesmaid dress out to steam it. I wanted to look my best at this fine event. Only it didn't go as planned.

Seconds after I stared steaming the dress, I accidentally touched the fabric with the hot iron. Any guesses as to what happens to a poly/mix dress when it hits a hot iron? Umm. It MELTS. It melts holes.

this picture doesn't do it justice. it was bigger than it looks

How do you call your best friend on her wedding day and tell her you burned a huge hole in the back of your bridesmaid dress?

You don't. You have your boyfriend do it. I was so hysterical, in a major state of panic, so this part is a blurr. I only know what happened because my now husband was my then boyfriend. We lived together (gasp!) and he witnessed the train wreck. So Josh picked up the phone and called Mindy. Only he was hysterical too, so his words came out like "iron, Summer, screaming ". It scared her.

The good thing about your best friend fearing your death on her wedding day is that hearing that you burned a hole in your bridesmaid dress suddenly doesn't seem like a big deal.

She told me to grab the dress and meet her at the hair studio. Pronto.

Waiting for me was one giddy aunt, ready to take charge.

Here's the thing. In this large, very close and very sweet Jewish family - the aunts have a little rivalry. Their whole lives, my friends mom and her aunt have been competitive. Even about their kids. And their kids weddings.

So naturally I suspected taht her aunt's thrilled look was because it was her sister's daughters wedding, not her own daughters wedding which was surely going to be perfect. This is totally my interpretation and can't be said as fact. Unless you count all the nonverbal conversations me and BeFri had on that day (okay, not conversations, just mutual eye rolls).

Anyway, auntie was happy. Tell me she doesn't look happy in this picture!?

Auntie took the skirt. Said she'd be back in a couple of hours. She knows a seamstress who can "fix it".

My suspicions were confirmed when Auntie came back with my skirt minutes before the ceremony. To all of our shock and horror, the skirt had a GIANT BOW over the hole. Huh?!!! It looked better with the hole! My friend said, "hell no, that's not happening" and insisted the bow be taken off.

So we left down the isle, me with a gaping hole, smeared with remnants of a giant bow that was no longer.

And the wedding was a success. And the reception was F.U.N. And, incidently, the marriage is still a success too (and so is mine, which is a year younger).

So that's it. Another Summer moment. Hope you liked it!


  1. OH DEAR! ;) Another funny Story Summer!

  2. That's a goodie! More, more, please!

  3. Another great story Summer! The bow was a crack up!! I bet nobody even noticed it!

  4. Of course you burnt a hole in your bridesmaid dress! I would expect no less from you Summer! We're peas in a pod. I walked down the aisle at my OWN wedding with my mom's lipstick stain on my dress. She was fluffing my dress as I was about to walk when my train hit her smack in the lips. At about mid calf the back of my dress looked like she used it for a blotter. And my mom is a Merle Norman girl who doesn't do the nude pink look - I'm just sayin.

  5. that is great! i wish i would have kept some of my hideous bridesmaids dresses that i wore over the years -- i donated them to a theater for costumes!
    i have to tell you a cute story - i was telling my girls about the blog party this weekend - my girls are learning about rhyming words in preschool - and they also call a plumber a plugger. SO, i told mia that i met a girl named summer plummer. she loved that it rhymed -- i then heard her a little later tell her twin, "mommy met a girl named sunshine plugger."
    haaaaa ----isn't that hliarious? again, being a jen smith, i think i'd take sunshine plugger over my name!

  6. Thanks for stopping in at my blog. It's been a bit blah lately, so you must come back. It's like you've visited while I'm sick at my house--you know, laundry's everywhere, things are untidy and randomly placed. Come back for a look see now that I'm free to write a bit more.
    I like your blog. It has a lot of your name REALLY Summer Plummer?

  7. Gotta love those moments you wish you could go back to and be all savvy and calm... but you weren't!! =) Your friends response to the bow is great!! ;) I would have done the same! NO way! he he! It is Fun that you share stories like this!