Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pink from Floor to Ceiling

I love craft supplies.. especially fancy papers and cute stickers...

Craft supplies are a staple in this house. The kids pull them out the second they get home from school. Our kitchen table is almost always covered end to end with cut up papers, glue sticks, markers and stickers. It's odd, but it's something I want them to remember about their childhood.

The other day, I caught my 3 yr old under the table making a craft. Not sure why she thought that was more comfortable than the table but I let her go with it. What's the harm?

This banner (below) was inspired by my super rad friend, The Goat. I used the word rad in her honor. I had the total pleasure of going to her house on Friday for a de-lish breakfast (along with two other new divine peeps) and got a glimpse at her banners. I am having a bit of cricket die cutter envy, since it took me about an hour to cut out these shapes by hand.

My daughter writes, "I love yow". I correct everything else she misspells, but every time she gives me something with this written on it, I melt. I don't have the heart to point it out to her when she hands me a heart felt love card!

Okay, so when I went around the room taking these photos, I came across something a little disturbing. The photo below is of a valentines card that my 8 yr old neighbor made. I'm SURE she doesn't know what this means. She was saying "these bees are lovers, and these bears are lovers, etc". But eeeewww.

Given all the arts and crafts going on, I gave up on trying to keep the craft stuff hidden. It's now been offered prime real estate in our kitchen, in these oh-so-lovely drawers.

Totally unrelated... aren't these cookie jar pigs (below) funny? They used to belong to my husbands grandma. The top of each pig says, "Go ahead, make a pig of yourself". They are so tacky, but I have them in my window box in the kitchen. I don't care if they are ugly... they just make me smile.


  1. I love yow! That's so cute. I agree with you. Don't correct her. My youngest used to say "lishwist" for years. We didn't want to correct her because it was so cute. She finally corrected herself last year and T-Bone and I were actually bummed. Just enjoy them while they're little. Life gets too serious way too fast.

    Love those piggys. I used to collect pigs but gave up the collection. And, my youngest loves pits and has many!

  2. "Go ahead, make a pig of yourself"! Love that, might have to have a sign made with that to hang near the table! ;)

  3. LWP didn't say "remember" when she was little, she said "benember" and we still say it that way now. Warrior Prince called "breakfast" "brefuk" so that's stuck too... I love their kid words! SO BUMMED I had to miss breakfast Friday - I really, really, really wanted to come by that was the most slammed day! Hope you liked the goo bread!

  4. I love that she was crafting under the table and super glad to know my kid's not the only one that does this :)

  5. Just gorgeous! It's great memories for your kiddies! xxx

  6. What a fabulous morning.... thanks for making the trek to mi casa. We will do it again. Love all the craftiness going on at your house. Love it all. xoxo

  7. I remember when our oldest was just learning to talk. She was offering me a fork at the dinner table. She and her mom had one, but I didn't. She said "Fork too Daddy?". But, with her deveoping speach patterns it sounded much more like "F**k you Daddy".

    Summer and I nearly choked on our food when we heard that one.

  8. I LOVE all of the craftiness going on at your house. Those little cupcake liners are so much fun, aren't they? I hope your kids enjoyed it all.