Monday, March 1, 2010

Update on the Gold

photo found here

A couple of you have asked how my husbands swim meet and my training run went. Here's a quick update... they didn't.

Friday I shared that my husband shaved most of his body for a swim meet. He's part of a Masters Swim team and has only recently started competing in tournaments. He was so excited for his second swim meet this weekend, but woke up to a tweaked back on Saturday. The whole reason why he joined the swimming group was because he has a bad back and swimming is one of the only exercise options for him. Plus he's really good at it. His back is feeling much better and hopefully will stay that way so he can enjoy competing again soon. I'll be sure to post photos of him in a speedo at a meet. Ha! (Oh, but I might!).

And remember my early morning Saturday run? That didn't happen either. The kids were up not once, not twice, not three times, but FOUR times on Friday night - thanks to their various ailments. So when I woke up to pouring rain (as prayed for) I was happy to get right back in bed. I WILL join my training group next week though. I'm signed up for the mud run in June, and the San Francisco Half Marathon in July!!

On the bright side, we are all back to (pretty much) normal! One kid is on antibiotics for an ear infection, and the other, well, she's home sick again complaining of stomach pain. But she'll be better soon. In the meantime, she's redefining crabby!


  1. sorry to hear of all the ailments! But, can't WAIT for the SPEEDO POST ;)

  2. Hope you all feel better soon! Isn't it amazing what a difference a little something new in your house can make? Love that new rug. The colors are fun.