Thursday, February 11, 2010

Muffin, Bird or Horse?

I'm going to let you in on a little game someone taught me years ago. It's so simple and silly but it's shamefully fun.

It's a people watching game.

The idea is that every person can be classified as either a muffin, a bird or a horse.
It's all based on facial features (not personality).

Birds: pointy noses, small features, smallish eyes and narrow shoulders
Horses: Strong features, larger nose and jaw, bigger build (not always)
Muffins: cute, roundish features, softer nose, chin, etc.

Everyone wishes they were a muffin

My husband and I are total nerds and have adapted it to allow for combination classifications. Such as, muffin/horse. bird/muffin, etc.

I like to think I'm a horse/muffin. But if I'm being really honest with myself, i have to admit I'm just a plain horse. My husband is too.

Me. I mean Neighhhhh!

My kids are both muffins. I think most kids are, due to their soft features.

my cute little muffins

I think my mom is a bird, but she'll never hear that from me...

my bird mom

Just for fun, a few celebs (i'm totally busted because I didn't site where I got them. oops).



horse. as if i have to tell you this one.

*added later: per my husband's comment, i'm adding a photo of a "celeb" that he thinks is more of a bird. I disagree, but that's why this game is fun. I think we need to get lives. Also, can someone tell me, if I "edit" a post, does it repost the post, or show it twice on your list? I tend to edit mine after publishing them and i'm embarrased if it is putting the post on everyones blog roll again and again.

bird, according to Mr. Horse (Josh)

SO there it is! From this day forward, you can never say you were bored while waiting in line at the DMV. Just whip this little diddy out of the back of your mind and get

So, what are you? A muffin, bird, or horse?


  1. Alright, you gotta put up that picture of Lee Van Cleef.... He's the definition of a bird. Period. End of Story.

    Anyone who sees that picture of him that I sent you will agree. Maybe we need a blog-vote to settle this marital dispute!!

    Also, you could have found a better celebrity muffin. I think someone's gotta have soft relatively undefined cheekbones to be a muffin. Maybe they've got a bit of a rounded face. I think there are probably some good asian celebrities who would qualify as muffins..... Maybe Jackie Chan?

  2. Okay, I added the actor for you Josh. And the thing about celebrity muffins is, there aren't any because all the celebs are anorexic.

  3. fun game! i'm thinking i'm 2/3 bird, 1/3 muffin ... the bird idea coming from my "beak!" :) i'm a therapist and now i'm probably going to include a formal diagnosis of an animal for clients. ha!!

  4. Oh of course I'm a COMPLETE BEAUTIFUL MUFFIN & A SIZE 2 ;) HA!!!

    I'm a Horse too!!! Neighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ;)

  5. I think I'm a horse/muffin. You'll have to let me know next time you see me. Funny post!

  6. um... horse? maybe muffin/horse?? too funny! will have this in my mind now when I talk to people... um... thanks?!
    Just Jenn~
    sillyness... ;)

  7. well...I guess I am a horse...but I am totally going to play this next time I am people watching!