Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Troll has Left the Building


My nose isn't really crooked like it is in these photos. I only know because when I uploaded them, I panicked and checked in the mirror. Why is it always crooked in photos?
The verdict? I no longer feel like a troll. My hair is now lighter in color and feel. Ahhh.

I'm pretty sure the hair dresser wanted to strangle me at the end because...

1. I have way more hair than you'd think. Even though it's fine, there's tons. That always means they mix up too little color and have to redo another batch half way thru. They also spend way longer than either of us like putting the foils in.

2. My hair is really hard to cut. It's so fine, it shows every single flaw. And thanks to the cowlicks, it's just a mess. It takes some serious work to get it to lay flat. The girl seriously worked up a sweat. She told me so. She seemed a little grumpy.

3. I would not give up until the bottom would sit flat. I kept politely asking if she could cut a little more "here" and "here". Ya, and just a little more again. I've learned to ask for what I want. I know that if the hair is too heavy near the bottom of my face, I feel 10 lbs fatter and I look like my neck belongs on a quarterback.

This is a boring post. Sorry. I just wanted to let you know I no longer feel like a troll.

Have a great day!!!


  1. Your hair looks great!!! Love the new 'do. I don't blame you for making her get it right! Good for you. Oh, and when I take self portraits one eye always looks MUCH bigger than the other - if freaks me out too. I think strange things happen when you are trying to be a photographer and model at the same time. No worries!

  2. You hair looks fabulous! It is the curse of being a woman but how our hair looks can seriously affect how we feel about ourselves.

  3. LOVE the new do! I'm off to get my roots done and maybe a little trimmin' too! Don't you just feel NEW after a great cut?

  4. Your hair sounds just like mine!
    Your new do is adorable! I REALLY need a hair cut, it has been 2 months & is starting to feel heavy. My girl is booked until March, so I will be a troll until then. But, YOU look great!

  5. I think you look lovely!! I heart the way a nice new haircut makes you feel. Enjoy!!

  6. Cute, cute, cute new do! Can't wait to see it in person. Oh, and my nose IS crooked in real life. My sweet inlaws offered out of the blue to pay for me to have a nose job.

  7. I love your haircut! And bravo for sticking to getting what you want. I need to work on that.

  8. well anyway... the outcome is beautiful!! ;)
    Just Jenn~ Confession! I feel like a troll right now! LOL!

  9. Troll-less. Yeah!!! The new do is really cute on you!

  10. Love the new look, girl. Can't wait to see it in person!

  11. NOTE A BORING POST AT ALL!!!! I love the new do. I'm so impressed that 1) you can recognize what style you like and how to make that happen, and 2) you're assertive enough to tell someone with scissors what to do (I do NOT have either of those abilities, yet). BTW, I didn't even look at your nose until you said something about it-the hair looks fabulous and you have AMAZING eyes and a beautiful smile! :D