Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I hate my hair!

I usually try to keep my posts on the bright side. It's in the blog name, after all. But sometimes, a girls gotta vent.

I hate my hair!!!!
Did that look like I was shouting? Cuz I meant it too.
Seriously, this picture doesn't even show the troll-ness that it is. This is after a full styling in my bathroom, with flat iron too.

And not just today. Always. For years. Okay, so there was a short time when I paid top dollar to get it cut at a great salon in Newport Beach and, I'll admit it, I liked it then. For the short time I went to Peggy the miracle worker, I had a lot of good hair days. Washed or not, styled or not, it was pretty good.

But then I got all practical (stupid) on myself. I decided to find someone 1) closer and 2) cheaper. Actually, I would have settled for either of those things but both would have been ideal.

So far my search has been unsuccessful. I have tried two people. One was super close and fairly cheap. Bad. The next wasn't as close and not quite as cheap. VERY bad.

Tomorrow I go for number three. The stylist was recommended and she's close to my house. I didn't even ask the cost (sorry Josh). It doesn't matter. It's cheaper than buying a fine wig, which is in the running too.

But today, it's frizzy, washed out, brassy, too dark and too blonde?, blah, heavy, flat, mousy, boring and just plain dull. At the risk of being melodramatic, I'll tell you this.... I'm a troll. And, considering the past few weeks, today is a good hair day!!!

I'll keep you posted on the new hair person. I'm holding out a glimmer of hope that my troll days are done. We'll see.

On the bright side... my girls got their hair cut yesterday. They most certainly do not look like trolls. On the contrary, they are just too cute for words...

My daughter, checking herself out in the mirrors at macy's bra dept

We got about 6" cut off my youngest daughters hair. Loving it!


  1. So right there with you. I love my girl, but she is EX. PEN. SIVE. So I don't go as often as I should. I have just about gotten to the point of thinking I need to either shave my head or invest in some new baseball caps :-) Let me know how your new do turns out!

  2. I am such a hair girl.. I love to cut it, color it, do just about anything with it. I think your hair looks good in that picture, my friend. But, I know it is totally how YOU feel. I hope your new spot works for you. Can't wait to see you on Friday... no wigs, ok?

  3. I think a good haircut might be about as important as a good man. seriously! a good hair cut might cost you some coin, but it gives you the freedom to forget to put on makeup, leave the house with wet hair, wear clothes that are stained and still feel like a half way decent. add in the bit of pamper time you get while at the hairdresser and i'd say it's money well spent. with that said...i only get my hair colored every other time I go so i can spread the coins around. i hope your hair appointment is all it should be!!

    p.s. your girls look cute as buttons with their sweet little bobs.

  4. I hate my hair too. I loved it a month ago and went in for a trim. Instead I got a frumpy mom-do. I'm just like you - I switched from the more expensive gal that did ROCKSTAR do's and since then my hair has been hit & miss. Well...glad to say I have an appt. next Monday with her. Too bad it's not before Blog Sugar :(

  5. Oh, forgot to add how adorable your girls are with sporting their new cuts. Those were the good old days when cuteness abounded and no flat irons were required. But I was never as cute as them!

  6. My hair drives me nuts, it seems like the more I do to it, the worse it looks! And I try to mix it up, get layers or grow it out, and it just looks the same! So now I've resorted to dyeing it, now I'm all about red.

    thanks for checking out my blog, I'm following you back! : )

  7. This hair thing is a drama for me, too. Don't really like my hair. My oldest says she doesn't like her hair. Then, I tell her that we should love what God gives us because it was his plan to make us unique. I guess I should listen to myself.

    Good luck on your cut!! I think you're hair is adorable!

  8. We all have those days sometimes even years. A good stylist is always worth the money, mine somehow keep having babies though.

    Good luck on your next cut, hope it goes well.

  9. I'm with you on the hair-hate. Today was the day...can't wait to hear how it went with the new stylist.

    BTW, I linked you in my post today ("how you hate your hair").


  10. Your too funny! Your hair looks great in that photo, I think if you smiled in it, it would be a great new profile photo ;)

    I have a guy I go to in Ca that I treat myself every time I visit on the very 1st day I'm there & it never fails that he tells me that the people that do my hair do a terrible job, then he makes me beautiful again ;)