Monday, January 18, 2010

Shelter from the Rain

Today my girls and I are enjoying one of our favorite family traditions.

On the first rain of the season, I always set up our camping tent in the living room. (It's the only time the tent gets used... it's never actually been outside).

It's a bit of a pain. And on occassion it's even dangerous.

This photo (below) was taken just after I got hit in the face with a long yellow pole...

But it's totally worth it. The kids L.O.V.E. having it up!

They pretend to nap in it.

They snack in it.

They pull toys into it.

They call it a "jump house"

They say I'm their neighbor.

They play like happy kids and I love it.

Then after a few days (yes, days!) I pull it down and enjoy my clear, open living room!


  1. I WANT THOSE SLEEPING BAGS!!! Please comment on my blog and tell me where you found them. What a great idea. I should build a FORT like my sis and I used to when we were kids. How fun!

  2. thx summer - for the pot roast: it's in the refrig section with the tri tip, etc. - you just microwave it, but you don't have to micro it for the shepherds pie

  3. Wonderful Idea, It's ALWAYS raining here, it's great to have new ideas to keep my lil man entertained. Love your new header too! So glad you posted the question, I loved the answers! ;)

  4. Way to go on your new header and all your other fancy new blog tricks!

    LOVE the tent in your living room! My girls got a Dora one for xmas, but yours looks WAY more fun. I might have to get them a real tent someday.

    Cute girlies too! :)

  5. Too fun! We used to put up our tent in the backyard every summer. The kids loved it. My hubby would sleep outside with them so it was like a real camp-out, just located nicely in our backyard. Close to the potty and food. Looks like fun!

  6. Now that is my type of camping.... I about wet my pants reading your comment on "skinned chickens". That is absolutely hilarious. My kids were on the opposite end of the spectrum. The Kid and Nubs were on their own growth chart. NOt the 98th percentile.. but their own path above the rest. They have evened out (thank goodness!)but I thought I had WWF wrestlers on my hands.