Monday, January 4, 2010

Lazy Phase OVER

Do you ever go through lazy phases in your life? Lately I have been in a lazy phase. I think it started with my hair. Seriously. It's happened before. Here's how the cycle goes:

#1 - I let the hair go. I get tired of my blonde hair and decide I'm going to go natural. Somewhere around week 6 (when roots aren't disgusting yet), I start getting really crazy and decide to stop getting it cut too. I picture Jennifer Aniston with her long, natural looking honey blonde hair.
By week 8, I'm wearing my hair in a pony tail every day and I'm so grossed out by the roots that I decide it's just plain not worth it taking care of myself at all.

So I don't.

#2 - I start eating a little more poorly.

#3 - I ease up on the exercise. Okay I darn near stopped it. Do

#4 - The house gets a little messy. Well, what do you expect? I can't think straight anymore because there are no endorphins to keep me alert, and I am starting to really feel like Roseanne Barr.

#5 - Muffin top appears and I start to avoid getting my picture taken.

#6 - Start thinking about cutting my own hair or, hell, shave it off cuz it couldn't look worse.

#7 - Then there is an awakening. Like, I see a photo my husband took of me walking at the zoo. Oh, holy Jesus. Is that me?

#8 - It gets worse. I decide to take a photo with my girlfriends (same zoo trip). Husband suggests that I take my vest off for the photo. I tell him no, it's covering my muffin top, to which he responds, "trust me, you will look better with a muffin top - the vest makes you look like a boy (OH MY GOD).
Then I see the photo later and gasp. What THE What?!!!

My hair does NOT look like Jennifer Aniston.

My "muffin top" is not a muffin top at all. It's a super sized full muffin that is bigger than my boobs (which are not small!)

My arms are lacking any definition at all. You'd never know that just a few short months ago I was a fitness instructor. Don't spit your coffee out. It's true!

But this didn't happen overnight. It was slowly, one missed workout at a time. One missed hair appointment at a time. One cookie at a time.

Enough is enough

Lazy phase over. I went running Saturday and again this morning.
I'm meeting a girlfriend at the gym tonight to start toning.
I signed up for the mud run and I am running the LH half marathon again in May.
And praise the Lord, I have a hair appointment tomorrow!!!
On the BRIGHT SIDE, no one said I smelled like the animals. Isn't this a cute photo of my daughter looking at a goat?


  1. You are so funny! Seriously. Really, really funny. Maybe I think it's funny because I could hear myself saying the same words, about myself. Why do we do that to ourselves?? Let ourselves go when it feels so good to take care of ourselves? I love the way a new haircut feels, or how great it is when my mommy muffin top is gone. I swear sometimes we can be such silly girls! Way to go for taking yourself back!!

  2. First off, ride the motivation while you've got it....

    But, you look great. Especially if you'd wear close that actually FIT you rather than those mumu dresses you call shirts. :)

  3. I've been side-tracked from my usual workout routines with a broken toe. It is so hard to find exercise that gives you the happy endorphins when you're being told to stay off your feet! I too decided enough was enough - started (gently) back to kickboxing this morning and I'm feeling better already! Keep up the good work Summer!

  4. First of all.... love the goat picture. LOVE IT! :) Just jump back into the routine girl.. That is what I have had to do lately. The hair... I am a firm believer in the good haircut and how if you have a good hair day, it is a good day. If you ever want encouragement to cut it and I mean CUT IT, call me. I am the queen of the cut and grow cycle. You are adorable, friend. Seriously, you look the exact same from Hight school... minus the big hair we used to sport! :)Let's get a date to get together. I will FB you my info. xoxo

  5. Right there with ya' sister. Especially after all the JUNK I've eaten this holiday. And since my little back incident 2 months ago, I can count how many times I've exercised on one hand. But just like you, I had my ENOUGH moment a few days ago and am easing back into it. Watching a Pink concert on TV totally motivated me. That girl has a rockin' body and LOVE her short hair. My haircut is Wednesday, because if the hair looks gross, really does it even matter what the rest of you looks like?

  6. I was cracking up during the hair episode, that is exactly me! too humorous!
    Were all our own worst critics, but you seriously are no where near having a muffin top!! running a half marathon in LH? Where are you anyway? I love to run and have been an avid runner for many many yrs, unfortunately due to health issues, I haven't run in over 3 months now and it totally blows ;( run an extra mile for me!

  7. You had me rolling with this post!!
    I JUST scheduled a haircut/highlight today - its getting OUT OF CONTROL up there and I also spent the entire day regretting my shirt choice as I am certain my muffin top was actually hanging over the top of my pants!!!! I soooo relate to this one :) Funny stuff ;)

  8. Hi Summer - I just linked your Porcupine Meatballs on my What's Cooking post today. LOVED THOSE THINGS!!! I also stole one of your photos, but if you want me to remove it just let me know. You're welcome to steal my food photos anytime, btw.

  9. Yeah I'm a lazy ponytail kind of girl, but lately I've been motivated to shake it up a bit.

    And I don't see a muffin top,but if thinking you have one gets you motivated then go for it. :) Your daughter is too cute.

    And thank you so much for the sweet comment on my post today, I appreciate the support.