Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Beauty for the Sensitive Lady

I am in the mood for a light hearted, fun post. So I'm posting about something very un-serious. Beauty products!

I have sensitive skin and eyes, which means I have to be very particular about what products I use. Over the years I have gone through (wasted) countless products in search of the ones that won't make my skin burn or my eyes run all day.

My search is over! The results are in. I now have a shining star for each beauty need I currently have. Most of the products are inexpensive (yay Target!). The ones that aren't are from Origins.

So, here they are... my go-to's... please note most of them aren't in the order I use them!

Facial cleanser: Purpose face wash. I heard about it on the Dr Phil show, years ago, and it's been my favorite ever since. It's only about $3-4 at Target.

Moisturizer: Eucerin Everyday Protection w/SPF 30. A non-irritating moisturizer has been the most difficult thing for me to find. This one is awesome! No fragrance and it has SPF of 30. I use it every single day.

Exfoliant: Origins Modern Friction - (pictured with Origins stuff )

Toner:No7 Beautifully Balanced Purifying toner - Toner is new to me. I read about this one in a magazine and tried it. It really makes my face feel clean and even before applying moisturizer.

Serum: Origins A Perfect World: Also new to me. Got hooked on it when I went to a Moms Night Out at Origins. It makes my skin feel smooth before makeup. (pictured with Origins stuff below)

Foundation: Origins. (Not pictured) Although I use powders and foundations from origins, I'm inconsistent with them. And since makeups don't seem to bother my skin as much as other products, I didn't feel the need to single those out here...

Night Cream: Weil for Origins Bedtime Face Cream

Eye Moisturizer (night): Origins Eye Doctor

Lip Gloss: Bath and Body Works Mentha Lip Tint (Plum Mint)

Lotion: Vaseline cocoa butter. This entire post was inspired by this lotion. This stuff is goooood! I know I said I don't like fragrances but for some reason this cocoa butter fragrance doesn't irritate my eyes or skin. The first few times I used this stuff, I thought there was something mysterious in it. It made my legs feel like they had just had a massage! Not to mention, my body feels like butter! My husband is hooked on this stuff too.

FYI... these products are all Non-Comedogenic


  1. I LOVE me some Origins, my bathroom is packed in Origins Bliss!!!

  2. Thanks Summer - I might have to try some of these. I am new to cheap beauty products, but that's my new favorite thing. Gone are my days of $60 moisturizer, so it's good to learn about the tried and true stuff and what is worth the splurge.