Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Girl Scout Cookies & Label Me Sugar Free

Today is day three of sugar detox and it was much easier than day two. Because I'm not giving up all carbs (just the obvious sweets and white flour stuff), it's really not that big of a deal. Tomorrow i'm throwing a label on me that says sugar free, and i'll stop updating about it... unless I have a funny story to share.

This afternoon, a neighbor came to the door selling girl scout cookies.

I bought one box that looked unappealing to me and two to donate. Their visit reminded me of an embarrasing girl scout cookie caper that I had a few years back. And, since I have nothing better to chat about right now, I guess i'll share it...

A few years ago, BrightSide husband ordered a bunch of girl scout cookies from a co-worker. When the cookies were delivered, it was the middle of lent and he was commited to giving up sweets (I think I was too, if only for a moment before I changed mine to something I thought was more reasonable). We agreed to put them in the freezer until after lent.

I visited the cookies often, each time taking one (or two). Over the course of a few weeks, I ate all the cookies.

When lent was over, BrightSide husband got all giddy and beamed at me, exclaiming, "I'm so excited that I finally get to eat some of the girl scout cookies in the freezer!". OMG. I had to come clean and tell him I ate them. All.

I laugh as I type this but it wasn't funny. He was a little irritated and I was ALOT ashamed.

And now when he orders cookies, I have asked him to leave them at work. And he happily oblidges.

Day 3 wrap up: I do still miss my zone bar breakfast. But I begrudgingly admit that my healthy egg burrito breakfast (with spinach and bacon bits - yummy!) kept me full much longer. I haven't craved carbs at all today. I ate some nuts here and some cheese there. Normally I would feel really guilty about that, since they have so many calories. But I was surprised to find that 1) my blood sugar stayed level all day, 2) I didn't feel hungry once and 3) When I served dinner, I skipped on the whole wheat pasta because it didn't even sound good. Huh?

I also had a great workout this morning - ran 3 miles and then did my weight training circuit. Endorphins are still flowing, many hrs later. Much better payoff than a cookie (or a box) gave me!

Hopefully something wonderfully funny or uplifting will happen tomorrow, so I can share about something other than this topic, which has become stale... even to me.


  1. Hey, I'm Sarah from Vic, Australia, nice to meet you! Funny story here! It would be great to connect!

    Sarah xxx

  2. They are soooo good frozen, not defrosted, just rock hard frozen. I so agree.. putting them in the freezer is just another stash location. I need like a new zipcode for them to not get them in my mouth!

  3. Oh Summer this reminds me of how I have been known to eat an entire box in one sitting. I thought everyone did, until one time I showed up to a training event for a marathon and blurted out that I may get a stomach ache b/c I just inhaled a box of those coconut/caramel ones & I was looked at like I was an alien. Needless to say, that run started off swell & ended like I needed to have my gull bladder removed ;)

  4. I just finished my Zone Perfect Chocolate Graham bar and I officially dedicated the last bite to you.... That was meant to sound nice. But I think it sounds mean! I should just delete this and start over... <3

  5. Hey Summer, No I once lived in Southern Ca, in Corona, but I currently live in Wa state right now. My husband is in the military & I have not lived in Ca for 12 years now. However, I do come down to visit my family often, so my next trip down, yes we should absolutely go for a run together ;)I'll lay off the cookies prior!
    Actually, I think you correspond with one of my cousins too... Genn over at Life in the Hass House, she is a Cali girl, I don't think she is a runner, but she is quite a riot, you two should link up!

  6. I am not a big fan of the Girl Scout cookie sales. Now, I'm no Meme Roth, but I wish they did something that was not food related. What I usually do if it's a neighbors child selling them, is just give them $20 dollars and tell them to give my cookies to a ma'am or sir(see Merry's site) of their choice :-)

  7. I love it - lipstick on a pig! That nails it on the head!! I'm so bummed I can't make it next Friday :-( We'll have to do it again on a day I can be there!

  8. I LOVE that cookie story! I am still chuckling! That is SO me! My little girl is a girl scout ... and I am kinda 'sugar free-ish' right now too... for health reasons!!! So - it is going to take some serious will power to behave when
    those darn cookies come in! ;) I am a new blogger... now following! Come visit my baby blog one day! My heart too is after God's and I am Seizing My Day - one blessed day at a time!