Monday, January 11, 2010

Old Lady on Campus

I started school today. My second of three prerequisite science classes before I can apply to the RN program. Well, actually, this isn't going to be my second class. I'm actually dropping this class in favor of a Physiology class that I got into at Santiago Canyon College. But I'm going to the first few classes to gain some knowledge and study materials to get ahead for next semester.

Last semester, my Anatomy lecture and lab were both in the science building so I pretty much never left the science building. There were loads of people in their 20's, 30's, and even 40's... all with comfortable shoes and aspirations of becoming nurses. But that was last semester. At the science building.

Today's class held lecture on the other side of campus. I had an hour to kill so I walked around this new territory. It was a whole different scene. Turns out the other side of campus looks vastly different than "my side". This other side has some really, really young kids. In a crowd of black skinny jeans and smoke, I was an old lady in mom jeans and running shoes.

Ironically, I just bought these jeans yesterday and felt pretty cool this morning before I left. I know there are minivan-driving mamas out there that dress cool (hi 2cool4myminivan). I am clearly not one of them.
The bright side about my age and my outfit (yes, there is always a bright side!) is threefold:
1. I am old enough to know what it takes to succeed and will do what it takes to do so, even if it means being the annoying one who asks a bunch of questions in class.
2. All the kids are nice to me at school, presumably because I look like their mom's best friend.
3. My feet are comfortable and I never once sported plumbers crack when I bent down.
I also got a new hair cut. It's plain. It looks to be a bit uneven. A fact that I only realized when looking at this photo. Urgh.

That's it. An old lady with mom jeans and a crooked haircut. Aren't you glad you don't have to be seen with me at the mall??


  1. I'll got to the mall with you anytime! And the haircut isn't crooked, you had your head tilted :-) Hope you enjoy your class <3

  2. too, too funny. you go girl, mamma jeans & all!

  3. Crack me up! I went back to school a few years ago and I completely understand being the "mom" on campus. I noticed that the younger set always wanted to partner up with me, I think they assumed I would go into "mom mode" and handle everything. Uh, well I did of course.

  4. I think you looked cute in your jeans and sneaks! You rocked it, you are a mom. Therefore, they are mom jeans, but cool mom jeans. So wear em proud. ;)

  5. Girl.. you are adorable. Be proud of no crack showing. That is never a good look... NEVER! Your new do is fabulous, too. I am a total "cutter". i love to cut my hair just to cut my hair. I need counseling...

  6. 2 words Summer: CRACK KILLS. I think that includes butt-crack because I almost die laughing everytime I see someone sporting plumber butt. And in no-way would I look at you and think Mom Jeans! You don't look like the Old Lady on Campus - more like the intellectual grad student, but definitely not old!