Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Shaken Heart

My daughter took a field trip to Discovery Science Museum.

They learned about the big Japanese earth quake and got to feel a room shake, to experience what it might have felt like.

Sierra's heart was shaken.

She is now driven to help the people of Japan
(yes, I know Haiti is more recent but that fact won't soothe her shaken heart).

Suddenly she regretted using her piggie bank money last week for a razor scooter.

But she found some last dreggs of change.

And she's mailing it to Japan. With a note saying it's from her, so they would know.

God bless little kids. When do we lose that unabashed want to help others?


  1. what a dear! i pray all the time to ask God to keep my son's heart open. i'm not sure how, but this stinky world of ours turns us into cynical people and my hope is for their hearts to be protected from that.

  2. Sierra is adorable! I can't wait to be a mom and experience these incredible little blessings.

  3. Oh that is SO sweet. You should be so proud of her.

  4. What a sweetheart! That is so cute. Anyone in particular?? Or just Japan, as a whole? :D

  5. I love it! That's so wonderful that you've taught her about the less fortunate and she actually is thinking about it now because of a little ride at the museum.

  6. Oh my, she is lovely! And such a big heart!