Friday, June 25, 2010

List Mania! Be the Parent

I have mentioned before that I'm a bit of a list nut. Since I've had bloggers block lately, I am going to make use of my many lists and share them with you here.

It's all official, too, cuz I made a little photo title for it!

The first list I am sharing is sort of an outline from my favorite parenting book... Be The Parent, by Kendra Smiley.

No. I don't have a kindle. But I wish I did. Or an ipad.

Choice #1: Choose to Be the Parent!
1)      Admit the problem exists
2)      Build your confidence
3)      See the vision
4)      Develop a plan
5)      Know you will make mistakes, and keep learning

Choice #2: Choose to be a role model
1)      Know that, for better or worse, you are the role model
2)      Take the challenge to model the best
3)      Discover that modeling is what you say and do
4)      Let this knowledge influence your behavior
5)      Remember, it is not all about you

Choice #3: Choose to be present
1)      Guarantee guantity time with your child
2)      Orchestrate quality moments in your quantity time.
3)      Work, play and pray with your child
4)      Include your child in your adult world
5)      Be available for your child, but don’t interrupt her

Choice #4: Choose to be an encourager
1)      Aim high, but not beyond the sky
2)      Catch your child in the act of doing something right
3)      Applaud the product and the process
4)      Encourage your child to encourage others
5)      Teach your child to praise God

Choice #5: Choose to discipline in love
1)      Sing off the same song sheet
2)      Follow the basics of discipline
3)      Think long term
4)      Be consistent
5)      Reject the parenting lies

Choice #6: Choose to allow failure and success
1)      Resist the rescue
2)      Give the freedom to succeed
3)      Encourage maturity appropriate choices
4)      Continually expand the boundaries
5)      Eliminate the vote

Choice #7: Choose to Pray
1)      Pray early
2)      Pray often
3)      Pray for yourself, child and your spouse
4)      Pray with your spouse
5)      Pray with your child


  1. Great post! Since parenting didn't come with an instruction manual, it's great you found a book that you agree with.

  2. I love this post!!! Thank you.

  3. this is so good. i'm going to add this book to my mommy book list!

    p.s. summer, thank you so much for the sweet things you wrote on my kindness post. it really means a lot to me. have a happy night!

  4. Those are some great tips. You could use those all of the time... no matter the age! Love it. xoxo

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