Thursday, June 17, 2010

crEATe Recipe Swap - A Quick, Healthy Breakfast

photo from The Goat and The Kid blog

On Thursdays Nancy does a crEATe Recipe share over at her cool blog. I'm linking in to share my favorite breakfast..

Ever feel like a hearty, healthy breakfast but not want to make a big mess in the kitchen?

Let me share my go-to.

To call it a recipe is a bit of a stretch, but it's so easy, you should have it in your go to list too...

What you'll need:
a mug or glass dish
pam, or other non stick spray
1 egg
bacon bits
splash of milk (optional)

1. Spray dish or mug

2. Put in egg and stir to break up yolk

3. Add a splash of milk, mix

4. Drop in a handful of spinach and a pinch of bacon bits

5. Stir until coated

6. Cover, and microwave for 1 minute

That's it! I put mine on a tortilla but I've been known to get wild and put it on a bagel thin too!



  1. Girl.. that is amazing. Eggs in the microwave and all yummied out in a tortilla. A little spinach for roughage. Hello, darling! I am all over it. Thanks for posting. I am officially on summer vacation now. Woohoo... let's get together... I will make a pie! :)

  2. Oooh that looks so good. Thanks for sharing!

    I see you've got a newborn at home again. (Lizzie) Good luck with the potty training and sleepless nights! It's rough when they are pups!!

  3. Sounds easy and delish....without a big mess! Love it!

  4. What an awesome looking breakfast!!
    Must try this weekend. :)
    Enjoy the night

  5. you have the cutest blog over here! i was just looking at the pictures from your mud run...hilarious! those outfits were great!

    thank you for stopping by simply feather and leaving such a nice comment. have a great weekend.

  6. Your new blog header is Fantastic! Recipe looks yummy & so easy!!!!
    You got a puppy???? So darn adorable!!!

  7. Yum! What a good & easy idea! Can't wait to try it!

  8. I don't eat eggs, but this looks like something my husband would LOVE. Thanks for the idea.