Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ms. Elizabeth Bennet

Meet Lizzie.

She's our newest family member.

She's a rescue mutt.

And she's throwing me for a loop.

My "normal" is gone.

Potty training all over again.

Sleepless nights (tail wagging, cone banging, doggie needs to go potty)

A friend following me everywhere I go.

One more thing to think about when I leave the house (or shower)

Another mouth to feed.

Hair to clean up.

I'm sure I will have a new "normal" within a day or two.

And I think we have thrown her for a loop too.

I can tell she misses her foster owner.

But she'll get be happier soon. Love goes a long way in making one feel better.


  1. AWWWWWW! She's precious. Congratulations. I know what your going through - ours is still a puppy and a pain in the butt, but I wouldn't trade the stinky little dirty underwear & sock thief for the world.

  2. Girl... I feel your pain. It will all get better. You might be a little crazier but you will survive. She is a cutie.

  3. i love the new background! ca-ute.

    ok, back to the dog...she is so cute! like seriously could be in the movies cute.

  4. Oh, she's precious! I love, love, love dogs but also know that they're a handful.

  5. Oh, she is a doll!!!
    I love those sad little eyes :D
    Good luck getting aclimated. Give it a few days and things will settle down.