Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Laundry "Room"

A little self-depricating humor for your evening...

Laundry is a problem in my house. Mostly because I hate doing it.

I don't have a good system and I don't have a good place to fold/sort, etc. I am grateful for the abundance of socks, workout pants, uniforms and t-shirts we have been blessed with, but I don't like doing laundry.

This is what I WISH my laundry room looked like...

Earlier tonight I read this post. I want her laundry room too.

Want to see MY laundry "room"? Have you eaten lately? If so, you may want to wait until your food is digested...

This is the top of my dryer. Isn't it nice. Who knows why those tid bits never made it to where they were going. I use bounce free, cuz it doesn't contain perfumes or dyes. I like that in a dryer sheet.

This is my view from the small garage door that goes into my house. That's my car crammed in near the dryer. Oh, and notice the moldy old wood block that the water heater sits on.

I might need to do something about this sloppy mess soon.


  1. you are hilarious! your space looks just like mine did a month ago. i love that white laundry room. if mine looked like that i think i might move in and let the kids have the house. :)

  2. Oh Summer - my laundry room is identical to yours. Aren't we happy campers. You are a brave soul for showing all of blogworld your personal space. I'm with you on wishing for a better place to do laundry.

  3. When we were looking for a house, we found one with the best laundry room ever (even better than the photo--it could have been a bedroom it was so big)...but the rest of the house was horrid. We opted for a better house than laundry room....but looking at that picture, and that blog....I'm reminded again of what life might have been like, if only....

  4. Ohhhh Ahhhh -that first picture sortof makes me melt! I too probably wouldn't ever leave that room... I would probably be peeling the clothes off my children all day long just so I could wash them!!! See, so it is probably better that our spaces aren't quite that nice! Mine is in a closet!! It is tiny - but it works (sortof!)

  5. That first one is pretty swoony. But it looks kind of labor (or maid) intensive.

  6. Meeeeeee toooooooooo!
    I have a tiny walk through room from my kitchen to my garage... that has NO space... hate it!! always tripping on laundry... heaps on my bedroom floor... heaps on my couch... never ending! ;) I hate repeat chores... daily ones... dishes, laundry, floors ... I hate them! I always like to think that it will be better in a blissful laundry room! =)

  7. OH isn't that dreamy!! The all white reminds me of Humble Pie Blog. Mine is off the guest bath downstairs and too darn small.
    The house I grew up in, in Corona CA had the washer & dryer out in the garage too!!

  8. Oh that laundry space you are dreaming of is fabulous! I wish I had a bigger laundry space, with a sink and all those bells and whistles.

    Maybe if you get some fun cutesy and bright colored baskets for your space to keep things organized it could make laundry more fun?
    Oh, who am I kidding, laundry really isn't fun no matter where you do it.

  9. Oh yes, Heather's was dreamy. And your dream picture. Ahhh. It made me look at my laundry closet. How can I make mine cute? I'll still come over and have coffee in yours.. just like I told Heather I would in hers! xoxo

  10. Summer... last comment was from me. Accidentally signed in still under the Mister. Oops. Didn't want you to think some creepy dude was making weird comments. Nope. Just me!

  11. that is so funny, my space looks just like yours! I keep saying I should hang a picture on the wall or something, since I'm there ALL THE TIME! : )