Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kids are Funny

Here are a few gems my kids surpised me with this week...

We juiced some grapefruit from our tree this week...

Because my daughters mysterious stomach pain was diagnosed as being constipation (she's full of "it"), we have to give her miralax. It's a laxative. She's thrilled to have a special drink - and a reason to get juice. When I was giving it to her today, she got all excited and told her sister, "mommy putted salt in juice for me!!" Yum.

The excitement was contageous, because soon after I started prepping the little ones miralax, my 5 yr old came in asking if she, too, could have some of this special juice. I told her that I would give her some too (she's always a bit backed up too). I told her that it's a laxative. She responded with, "ooohh, that sounds good!". Hmm.

The other night, when putting my daughter to bed, she lovingly pulled my hair back to get a good look at my face. She said, "mommy, when your hair is like this, you look like a teenager... except for here and here (pointing to my eyes) because you have dark circles and wrinkles. You need some sleep". Nice.

My 3 yr old has a tendency to hold her pee for as long as humany possible (sometimes even longer). Unable to walk, many times she does this cross legged, funny little squat walk to the bathroom. If I ask her what she's doing she says, "I breathing". The other day she told me (warning: it's a little gross), "mommy, I breathing from my who-who (our word for privates).


  1. love the teenage comment -- my girls asked me about a year ago what those stripes were on my forehead -um, no stripes, just wrinkles that run horizontally. thanks girls!
    great post

  2. still laughing over here at those ones :D Love it!

  3. my son last night as we were exchanging good night kisses said "turn to the other cheek, why does your face have those things on it" (I had a blemish on my cheek), seriously, gotta love their honesty huh!
    Outta the mouths of Babes!

    Hope your girls get unclogged soon ;)

  4. Oh kids are so funny! My 3 yr old holds her pee for as long as humanly possible too! And I think I've seen her do that same squat walk to the bathroom trying not to pee her pants too.

    That's hilaious. Love their honesty too.

    PS- A lightscoop is a piece you attach to your camera on top of the flash of a SLR. If you ae interested I bought one at for $20

  5. gotta love how honest kids are! My sister had to put prune juice in my nieces milk to help with her situation, we called it "chocolate milk" : )

  6. You do look like a teenager, Summer! Your daughter is smart.

    Oh - we're quite familiar with Miralax over here. That was the beginning of our road to stomach health. It didn't solve the problem, though.

    As for the "who who" word. My suggestion is to use th correct body parts since you are studying to become a nurse. Make sense? We've always used the real names so the "v" word doesn't really startle anyone around here. Call us wierd, huh?

  7. haha! This made me smile (and chuckle too, especially the teenage story) :) Thanks for the smile!

  8. haha! I love the teenager bit. Priceless! I love the honesty of our children.they boost our ego because they love us so unconditionally and then they humble us reminding us who we really all by lovingly stating the obvious about our flaws!

  9. we used that word when they were little too.. lol! my little one holds it too.. goofy little girls... ;) so funny that they kept saying yum! ;) we had to use that a few times before procedures ... tang or koolaid makes it yummy too! lol! hope they 'move' what they need to!! poor monkeys!!
    Just Jenn~

  10. i am laughing way to hard at the laxative comment. too funny!!

  11. Oh Miralax...we have to use that on Kate because ever since we potty trained her last summer, she holds in her poop for days. good times. (not!!)
    Your girls are funny, thanks for the laugh :)