Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An Un-Martha Double Birthday Party

Not all bloggers are Martha.

Here's one that's not even close.

We threw a double birthday party for my girls this past weekend.

It was super fun but I can assure you, Martha wouldn't have been proud. The only thing homemade were the cupcakes (all 72 of them) - from a boxed mix.
I'm so dissapointed that I didn't take more photos. I kept meaning to take some cool photos but it all went by in a blur!

Why didn't I get a photo of them together?! Urgh. In my defense, their parties were at separate times. The 4 yr olds party was at 10:00 and my 6 yr olds party was at noon. Two separate cupcake decorating events. :) 

You guys, i suck. This photo isn't even from this party! This is from a party we went to a couple weeks ago, when I got the idea to decorate cupcakes! I forgot to get a cool photo when my kids were decorating, so I threw this one in for effect. I cannot tell a lie.

It may not have been up to Martha's standards, but the parents seemed to have fun. And the kids didn't notice anything but the bounce house, cupcake frosting, and goodie bags.

We had games, yes we did. But did we play them? No! Everyone was having so much fun, I backed off and let them enjoy themselves. I'm not type A, in case it's not abundantly clear here.

look at this poor child panicking to get out of the bounce house to decorate cupcakes.

Nothing fancy. Just a bunch of kids coming together to wish two special girls a happy 4th and 6th birthday!

I have to give a shout out to my wonderful husband who set up the bounce house three times until it was perfect, and went on four different car runs for me during the party.
Thanks Sugar. You are the best!


  1. Ah I love it! No, we are not all Martha (and those of us that try to be end up feeling tired, overwhelmed and stressed out). So don't give it one more thought but just be happy that your girls were happy...and hey the lack of "cool" pictures just means you were so busy having fun that you didn't even have the time to be concerned about getting that perfect shot that would be blog worthy :)

  2. Happy Birthday to your girls! I think all those kiddies look happy as can be and that is what matters cause that's what they'll remember. :)

  3. My kind of party! I'm a big fan of the Un-Martha party, as you probably could guess.

  4. What a cute idea to let the kids decorate their own cupcakes! Great job Summer.

  5. I love it Summer.... everything about it. Simple. Fun. That is what matters. I love the panic picture too. I felt bad I laughed but I can't help myself. :)

  6. That looks like a great double birthday party! I am a HUGE fan of the UN-MARTHA birthday party!! I hate how people feel the need to go ALL OUT for kids bday's these days. You are so right... kids do not see past the bounce house and cupcakes. Love it.

  7. Summer--ALL that matters is that kids have a good time. Us moms all focus on the wrong things and then miss what is going on around looks like you were focused on the CORRECT stuff and had a great time.
    Good for you! It looks like a blast!

  8. If I had two kids with birthdays on the same week... I would not attempt to do anything Martha either! ;) They all had smiles and looked happy... that is what it is all about! ;)