Monday, April 19, 2010

Tea Time Made Easy!

I heart tea.

and I heart my new dream gadget for tea lovers.

208 degree water all day long! Endless cups of tea!
It's also convenient for oatmeal. :)

Tea time, made better.

I'll end with a funny story about me and tea...

My family is English, and I grew up with mom brewing at least two pots of tea every day. I have loved it as far back as my memory takes me. 

On a drizzly day when I was 9 and mom was at work, I had a brilliant idea to have a hot tea stand in my neighborhood. I brewed a big pot of loose tea and set up a table for my customers. Then I posted a sign that read, "HOT INGLISH TEA. GET IT WHILE IT'S HOT! 10 cents/cup. I was ready and eager to serve tea all day long if I had to. Maybe I'll do it every week, I thought. I'll be the richest kid in the neighborhood, cuz tea is the best! 

Only no one showed up. All day. Poor little 9 year old me.

Did you notice how I spelled English on my sign? I only know this because my mom still has the sign, with hello kitty tape still attached. :)


  1. Oh my gosh! You're an Asian lady trapped in a white woman's body! My Korean mom-in-law has the same tea-maker. Which is the same brand as my rice cooker BTW :)

  2. And not ONE person stopped! You were probably crushed, poor thing! So, you are Inglish (Hee, hee) now I want to hear you talk! Do you have an accent?

  3. I love thinking of you as that overly enthusiastic little girl. It's a little sad to think of how sad you must have been later. But, it gives me a lot of sympathy for our kids when they get all excited about some ridiculous project. :)

  4. Too funny. I would have bought tea from your 9 year old self. :)

  5. My friend Blake has that hot tea/water machine and she loves it. What a cool machine. You are so cute having a spot of tea! :)

  6. how cute was the 9 year old you! i love that you had an inglish tea stand. awesome!!

  7. That is so sweet! We have some "adopted" Scottish "grandparents" in our lives... and they of course make the Best tea!! My kids have grown up drinking "tea milk"... =) they love it!

    Do you know I went to Bible school in England for 6 months??! ;)

  8. I have an iced tea maker that works great....but
    I'm more of a hot tea girl. What time should I come over?

  9. I love tea too, what a cool machine!

    that is a great story, how awesome that your Mom still has the sign and with Hello Kitty tape! ;)

  10. If that had been my neighbourhood, I would have been there! I love tea--inglish and whatever else you have!

  11. You poor nine year old thing. I would buy a cup of hot Inglish tea. With honey please.

  12. That is the sweetest -- I love how your mom still has the sign!

    And I love, love your photos of the girls at the beach below. That one of them jumping at the water's edge -- it made me smile big this morning.